New jobs don’t come from just outside a community; rather, they are created by existing businesses. In fact, most economists say up to 80 or 90 percent of all new jobs come from internal growth.

The dedicated team in Business retention and expansion is important.  Cities, communities and municipalities become prosperous when growth and expansion are realized.

Our MPS program was created to provide development and management income sources to communities specifically targeted to business and economic development.  The target projects for funds generated can be everything from micro lending programs to investment in infrastructure to provide jobs.  We use a process thru merchant services to generate the income sources.

Our program is unique in that we are not concerned with profit but with leveraging the ability to keep cash flow within a local community so that each dollar goes thru 20 sets of hands instead of 5.  Our team conducts visitations and interviews with local businesses to gather industry specific information, inform them about city services, and address their needs. We have tools and resources

The interviews and research results provide tactical and direct plans to organize growth and expand community wealth.   A new portfolio management system creates a foundation for all participating businesses to receive ongoing revenues which, in turn, should help them stay, grow and expand with our community.

The EXPAND Program assists businesses in obtaining capitalized financing and collateralize resources as an eligible local organization. We at ECI provide additional collateral that can represents up to 25% participation of the project amount. The collateral enhances our approach on design and operation.  With this in place we can finance projects from internal collateralize cash flows.

.Management Technical Assistance Program

Growing and expanding the economies of communities is very challenging. Success requires good planning and sound business management skills.  The Management Technical Assistance (MTA) Program offers small business owners the opportunity to work with experienced consultants at no cost. This is made possible by ECI Networks and E3 Technologies in cooperation with our global resource networks.

Some of the Areas covered:

General Business and Marketing

  •     Business plans
  •     Business risk assessments
  •     Marketing plans
  •     Information Technology Systems

Business Needs Assessment

  •     Accounting systems
  •     Break-even analyses
  •     Working capital needs
  •     Operational reporting systems and procedures

Financing and Loan Packaging

  •     Financial statements
  •     Loan applications
  •     Cash Flow Analysis
  •     Public and private procurement

Workforce Development and Human Resource Planning

  •      Recruitment and retention
  •     Training and productivity
  •     Benefits and compensation
  •     Quality Control


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