Marketing and Purchasing Agreements

In the marketing agreement, the association agrees to accept specified products of stated or better quality, to market them to the best of its ability, and to return to members all marketing proceeds less deductions for expenses and continuing capital needs. A similar contract with members can be structured for service and supply cooperatives.

This continuing or self-renewing agreement should specify that after it has been in force for some initial period, it should continue indefinitely unless the member (or the cooperative) states in writing a desire to cancel or modify it. A cancellation request must be made during a specified annual period as noted in the contract.

An agreement ensures sufficient control over products or services to be delivered so the cooperative can function. This is especially helpful in the first few years of operation when the cooperative is establishing its reputation as a responsible and successful business. Marketing and purchasing agreements have helped some cooperatives get needed outside financial help.

In some cases, cooperatives that use contractual agreements must file them with the State Government.

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