Free OpenU

FreeOpenU was one of our first projects to make education available to all.  It was initiated and started over ten years ago by Professor Scott Provost.  The goal we set was the “Million Mind March”  The system provided a single repository of connections to all of the open educational course-ware available thru such prestigious universities as Univ Southern Cal, UCLA, UC Berkeley, MIT, Univ of Minnesota, Texas A&M, Staford and many others.

This effort successfully allowed thousands of people access to great materials for free.  We only required registration.  We had several “schools” going – the school of Education, Business Management, Computational Sciences, Health Care, and many more.

In actuality, at one point we had over 40 schools going with mentors and teachers.  We found ourselves working in over 500 countries at one point.  Since then many other better qualified organizations have stepped up to the plate and are able to offer valuable certifications and educational credits that we were not qualified to offer.

We currently no longer are involved in that project but what we have learned is what is currently the foundation of our next concept in education and learning – The E3-Communiversity.

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