Business Fertilizer

We have found that most small businesses are struggling to make good profits because they lack solid cash flows, resources and proper financial management that the larger companies have access to because they have the budgets and cash flows.

Our business fertilizer is based on a concept of micro funding and resource management.  We combined the business models of an incubator, small business development center, a small business investment corporation, a trade school and university to create the “Business Fertilizer” construct and concept.

The participants go thru a set of courses that are modeled after the MIT course in entrepreneurship.  The course covers how to do a profitable business in today’s business climate, instructing the participants in the art of successful entrepreneurship.  The outcome of this course is to instruct and launch a successful and profitable business venture.

Next we will fertilize a business with resources, management, marketing, including some cash-flows and launch a new business using the participants of the course as the new owners/operators.

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