Welcome to our site BL2OC – (B)usiness (L)everage -2- (O)rganize (C)ommunities.  Our purpose is simple and our results are sustainable.  We identify current “community revenue streams and then engineer networks of  community “spending” that generates resource income for investment back into the local community. The “cooperation” designed then becomes fully self supportive and self sustaining in its deployment and continual operations.

We create merchant networks and services that stimulate and create community spending and that increase the amount of locally circulated revenue.  All development work, deployment and operations are paid for by the network.  We function as a “BIC” “Business Investment Company” which internally we coined as a “Business Fertilizer”.  In other words we partner with organizations to invest into their eco-social infrastructure and community.  The programs we design incur no debt and are completely financed thru community participation in already current networks and systems.



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