Crenshaw Communiversity


The Crenshaw Communiversity and Business Fertilizer is a community learning center, technology lab and business development center that serves the local population with a free access to quality education and functions in the creation of jobs and economies. The organization in financed thru a unique program we developed that requires no donations but is based on current economic cash flows.

The communiversity provides the environment, the materials, and the resources to make learning possible with the objective towards creating educational interventions to improve knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors within our community.

The Communiversity also has developed a service program that utilizes a unique prevention and intervention approach for youth 15-25 year olds. This includes a learning center and recreation room offering a variety of activities.  The center is separated into a gaming room / “living room” area for arts, crafts and hanging out and an educational area / computer lab.

The program is designed to provide youth with essential services in order to help them flourish. The program provides youth with an array of services including; life skills training, counseling, academic support mentoring, and health education. The program incorporates a wide-range of experiences from mentors and mentees including theme-based enrichment activities, technology-based mentoring, film production and discussions within an ethnic/cultural based presentation.  The participants are also equiped with the proper tools to address and assist with coping methods,and tools to reduce risk factors that are all to common within the youth population thru their mentors.

The program targets crime and poverty by providing jobs and economic community development thru education and economic investment, which continuing education promotes.  The four tier framework integrates with the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic to solidify the academic component for desired learning.

The Four Tier Service

Education Professional/Trade – medical, engineering, technology, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, construction

Social – counseling (12 steps, social competence training, parent & family training), social operation, community outreach (food, clothing, homeless shelter projects, and leadership mentoring)

Economic/Political – economic develeopment, grant writing, self-employ empowerment, government, business (license, insurance, taxes, planning, generate employment)

Artistic – Documentary Films, Beautification Murals, Web Mastering (designs, creative     marketing, outreach), Music (play instruments/music mix, lay audio tracks, create compact discs.)

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